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Yuri Elkaim and “Eating For Energy”

Yuri Elkaim and “Eating For Energy”

veggie tray alternative croppedI don’t remember how I learned about Yuri Elkaim, but I’m sure glad I did. He is an amazing man who is a powerhouse of energy, motivation and desire to help people. Yuri is a registered holistic nutritionist with a degree in Physical Education and Health. He is also a certified kinesiologist.

Yuri’s Program For “How To Get More Energy”

I found out about Yuri’s book, Eating For Energy and was excited to check it out and it hasn’t eating_for_energy_cover_small ALT="eating for energy book cover"disappointed. Many of us could definitely use a boost in energy and increase in health, stamina and motivation I’m sure. I know, for me, I knew that I needed to incorporate more raw foods into my diet but not be fanatical about having to be 100% raw. Yuri’s book was the key for me.

Yuri’s Eating For Energy Program

Yuri’s program in Eating For Energy, promotes adding more raw foods to our diets. Raw foods are rich in enzymes and disease preventing phytonutrients. These are elements our bodies thrive on. The living elements are preserved when we eat raw and as a result we gain more energy.

In the Eating For Energy program the main focus is on fresh, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. For many people, eating plant-based foods facilitates weight loss. This program includes many simple and great recipes, a 12-week meal plan, a smoothie and juice 070316_fruits_veggies_02guide, and lots of fascinating nutritional information. Yuri includes many valuable tips and reminders about the importance of staying hydrated and what to eat before and after exercise and even tips for eating at restaurants.

About Yuri

You will see in Eating For Energy, that Yuri Elkaim is very thorough and very devoted to helping people increase their health. He is certainly enthusiastic about this subject. It is obvious that the knowledge he has about health is his passion and he wants to share that knowledge so others can benefit from a healthier and energetic life.

I highly recommend that you check out Eating For Energy by Yuri Elkaim right HERE.