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Rebounding For Your Health

Rebounding For Your Health

Bounce For Health And Fitness



One of my favorite possessions is my rebounder. Rebounders are mini-trampolines. They are very portable, assemble quickly and are easy to store. Having a rebounder is an easy way to make sure bestbuilt-reboundairthat you get exercise every day. It is something you can set up in your house, out in your yard, in your garage – actually almost anywhere. Besides the regular models that are available, there are ones that easily fold in half and there are also quarter-fold ones. These foldable ones are great for small spaces with limited storage and they are also great for travel. There are many brands and qualities of rebounders, but remember you get what you pay for because you want to have years of exercise use and enjoyment from your investment. You will want to get one that is well-constructed. I have the half-fold by ReboundAIR and I love it. ReboundAIR is one of the only companies that gives you a lifetime guarantee on all parts and free replacement.


One of the great benefits of rebounding is non-jarring, low-impact exercise. It limits the stress to your joints, unlike activities like jogging. Bouncing on the rebounder helps strengthen your bones and muscles. One really important thing that rebounding benefits is the lymphatic system. The action of jumping on this bouncy surface, causes the speed of the lymph fluid to increase. The lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump like how the circulatory system has the heart. It depends on movement to flow properly and cleanse itself. By bouncing on the rebounder, it can increase the ability to transport accumulated toxins and acidity out of the body through the lymph. Also, because rebounding is an aerobic exercise, it helps to strengthen the heart and if we have a strong heart it will pump our blood more efficiently.using-exercise-trampoline-rebounder cropped(2)

Rebounding is a great workout for our muscles, as it improves tone, strength and coordination. When you start bouncing on your rebounder, start out gently with both feet together and a light bouncing motion to get warmed up. After I’m warmed up, I like to do jumping jacks, about 100 of them. When you’re starting out, maybe all you can do is 25 and then gradually slow back down to that light bouncing motion. Over a few days, try to increase your amount of jumping jacks. This is a simple but very effective exercise to do on a rebounder. It helps to get your metabolism stimulated but with a gentle action.

There are many ways to exercise on a rebounder, but this is an easy way to get started. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter what the weather, you can use your rebounder every day, inside or out. You can do gentle exercise or you can do more intense exercise – it’s up to you. But, no matter which you do, bouncing on the rebounder can be a great benefit to your health. Take a look at the ReboundAIR rebounders HERE and see what they have to offer.




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