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ReboundAIR Rebounders

One of the best investments I’ve made is my ReboundAIR rebounder. About 3 years ago, after being tired of the cheaply made mini-trampolines that I’d been using, I decided that getting one of these rebounders would be a great and extremely healthy gift to give myself. ????

Researching Rebounders

I spent time researching the many different brands of rebounders out there. I found that 542351_492996567393066_100000481803705_1751701_1949849043_nReboundAIR rebounders are the Rebound Industry Leaders since 1977. They offer a Lifetime Warranty and Free Replacement on EVERY component. WOW – that’s confidence in their product!

ReboundAIR – High Quality Construction

The ReboundAIR rebounder is practically indestructible. The frame is made of metal with baked-on, high-gloss enamel paint. They are meticulously made and can hold the weight of a 300 pound person using it regularly for decades. The rounded construction and internal bolts prevent spring cover tears that happen commonly with other brands.

One more aspect of these rebounders that makes them unique is that there are 3 models to choose from. They offer a standard (non-folding) rebounder, there is one that folds in half and comes with its own carrying case and also they offer a quarter-fold model with its own custom cover and pull dolly for extreme portability.

This is a rebounder that will give you years of healthful exercising.  If there is any problem, this company stands behind this high quality product.reboundAir -better than jogging ALT="woman bouncing on a ReboundAIR rebounder"
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