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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating will help us get the right balance of vitamins and minerals and other necessary nutrients. When we give our bodies the nutrition they need, we will be able to perform at our greatest potential.

Nutrition Is A Key Factor In Our Health

 It is so easy just to grab something unhealthy and stuff it in fruits resized ALT="assorted fruit for nutrition"our mouths because we’re in a hurry or feeling lazy or it just tastes yummy to us.  How we eat is something that most of us have to work at re-training in ourselves. Nutrition probably hasn’t been a great concern for many of us until we are dragging without the energy we know we should have. This is when we realize that maybe we are missing something.  Yuri Elkaim, Holistic Nutritionist, addresses this subject in his program, Eating for Energy. There are many choices that we can make in our diets that will actually boost our energy – like fresh raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes. We need to make these healthier options available and make the unhealthy ones less available. Basically, we shouldn’t  bring those unhealthy snacks and foods into our house – we need to just keep them out of our pantry!  That alone will help a lot. If the bad choices just aren’t there, then we can’t eat them on impulse. Yeah!

Healthy Options

Good things to have on hand for quick and nutritious snacks are fruit, like oranges, bananas and apples that veggie tray alternative cropped ALT="veggie tray for nutrition"you can just pick up and eat. Peaches, plums and nectarines are also great.  Other delicious choices are fresh berries, mangoes and any number of varieties of fruit.  Veggies like cucumber slices and carrot and celery sticks are great substitutes for chips with dips like hummus. All these things added to your diet are great and nutritious choices that can boost your health.                                                           Check out Eating For Energy here