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Health Benefits of Exercise

Health Benefits of Exercise

Our bodies were made to move. These days so many people just sit around and move from chair to 3 womenALT="3 women performing exercise"couch to the dinner table to the car, etc. Human beings need movement for their health. The body systems benefit greatly with exercise. An exercise class is a great way to combine exercise with a little social interaction. Exercising with other people can help to keep us inspired and motivated.


Walking is probably the simplest exercise a person can do but it shouldn’t be underestimated. Walking gets our heart pumping, our blood flowing and our muscles working. It also gets our lungs breathing deeper thus oxygenating our bodies. Brisk walking with the addition of swinging our arms, helps to get the lymphatic system to move that stagnant lymph. The lymphatic system only cleanses itself through us moving our bodies and our limbs.


Stretching is important to keep us flexible. Being flexible is an exercise that helps prevent injuries. There are a couple different ways of stretching that are beneficial. One type is called dynamic stretching and the other is called static stretching. Research suggests that dynamic stretching is best to do before a workout. Dynamic stretching is an exercise that you do while moving. An example would be a walking lunge. Static stretching is when you stay in one place and hold a stretch for a few seconds without bouncing. An example would be touching your toes. Static stretching is considered to be best for cooling down after an exercise session.

High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training or HIT, is another very beneficial form of exercise. In HIT a person alternates between times of very intense exercise and lighter, low intensity exercise. An example 2 women running on beachALT="2 women doing exercise on the beach"of this would be sprinting 30 seconds and then walking 60 seconds, sprinting 30 seconds and then walking 60 seconds, repeating over a period of time. This is an exercise that can be done outside or it can be done in a gym or at home on an elliptical machine. The nice thing about doing this type of exercise on an elliptical is that it is lower impact. Other ways to do HIT could be with bicycling, swimming and even jumping rope.

Other Beneficial Forms of Exercise

There are many great ways to exercise. The point is that our bodies need exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Yoga and pilates are two excellent ways to exercise and get in shape. Zumba is a great cardio exercise program. Rebounding is an amazing form of exercise that is very effective in a short amount of time. It is very low impact and it is a great form of cardio and the bouncing movement is excellent for getting the lymphatic system moving.

The list is long and the possibilities are great. There are many active ways to exercise – don’t get stuck in just one exercise routine –  play some tennis, go for a hike, ride your bike – mix it up and have fun becoming a healthy and fit woman.

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