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Do You Ever Worry About Water?

Do You Ever Worry About Water?

Safe Drinking Water

Do you ever worry about water? I do. Probably more now that I live in California. Water is such a big issue and something we shouldn’t take for granted.

I’ve been watching a television show called “Buying Alaska”. People want to go there to get away from the city or the lower states and live a more simple life in the pristine wilderness. It is so beautiful in Alaska – it’s not surprising that people want to go there. I think they call it the last frontier. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, fishing, hunting and …TRUCKED IN WATER??? That little detail has really struck me!  Not all homes there are like that, but I was surprised how many there were, at least on that show. Being out in Alaska living that simpler lifestyle surrounded by peace and the beauty of nature, and you have to depend on a truck to bring you water? That was mind-blowing to me.

Like most of us know, water is a necessary part of life – especially pure, drinkable water. Sometimes that may be hard to find. There is so much pollution around that many people drink only bottled water because they feel that it is the drinking water they can trust because all of the cities’ systems have to be so heavily chlorinated to make the water drinkable.

Be Prepared

In times of disaster or power outages because of storms, I know I would feel better if I had a system to get pure drinking water when all the normal systems aren’t operating. That is why I am so interested in the Berkey Water Filtration System. With this system, you don’t need electricity to run it. It is gravity fed and you can add water from whatever fresh source you have. It can safely filter rain water, stream, pond or lake water. These filter systems by Berkey have been berkeywaterfilter1 (from best water purification reviews)taken to countries where the water is very questionable to drink and it has turned it into safe drinking water.

I know it gives me security and a sense of being “rich” when I have a stream or lake close to where I live. I may not be able to safely drink directly out of it, but with the Berkey Water Filtration System, I’ll always have pure water to drink and cook with. Since water is a necessary part of life, I think it should be a consideration for everyone. What will you do for drinking water if it stops running out of your faucet for whatever reason? Or what if the chlorine levels get so high, that it causes you concerns for your health?  I think it’s a subject worth considering.

The Berkey system doesn’t filter salt water but it will filter any fresh water source. It is portable too, since it doesn’t require electricity to run, it can be taken almost anywhere. You could even take it camping with you.

The Berkey Water Filtration System offers several different models that produce the same quality of water but different capacities – depending on your needs. It is the ultimate in water borne contamination removal and reduces a long list of contaminants and pathogenic bacteria. Each Berkey filter has a life of 3,000 gallons – and 6,000 gallons for a 2 filter system. It removes more pollutants than any other system on the market today.



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